The built-in vehicle lift with automatic drive art. 505/09 is one of the distinctive features of the Brake Tester model RBT 34.
Since 2003, this application has been installed on all brake testers model RBT 34 supplied to Italian service centres who are our customers.
Briefly speaking, it involves 2 mobile platforms (900 x 100 mm) arranged between the rollers, with load-bearing capacity of up to 25.000 N per axle.
During the drive-in phase, the platforms enable the positioning of the vehicle in the test seat and its subsequent lowering, without impact or jerking. In this way, the front spoilers and wheels of any type and size of vehicle are safeguarded .
In the drive-out phase from the rollers, the platforms place the axle of the vehicle perfectly on the flat in a controlled manner, so that the vehicle leaves the test seat without forcing it and without strain on the tyres.
The use of the built-in lift facilitates transit of the vehicles to be tested (of any kind: cars, vans, motorcycles and motorbikes with 2 - 3 - 4 wheels and QUAD bikes-PIAGGIO MP3), from the first axle to the second. Vehicle reversing, if necessary, is also facilitated .
All the operations are controlled by the operating program, by means of the remote control that the operator uses on the vehicle.
The built-in vehicle lift guarantees that your customers get their vehicles back without any damage.

Check-out the video with a short operational demonstration.