XEDRA by Giuliano Industrial holds, within Giuliano Group, the experience and the knowledge of systems and products for technical inspection and diagnosis of vehicles, such as brake testers, speed testers, suspension testers, side slip testers.

Over twelve years of research, development, production and marketing, almost exclusively aimed at the Italian market, have enabled the company to provide extremely innovative solutions for the technical inspection of mopeds and two-wheel motorcycles, 3 and 4-wheelers, vehicles up to 3.5T. and heavy-duty vehicles over 3.5T, steadily enriching its product range, which is now one of the most complete available on the market.

During these years, all XEDRA branded products have been duly homologated by the Italian Ministry of Transport.

Planning and implementation of "turnkey" XEDRA products and systems are fully developed within Giuliano's R&D department, where 5 electronic and IT engineers painstakingly search new solutions in order to grant the highest performance level of the products as well as provide customers with constant technical support.

The know-how, all covered by patents, as well as homologations, obtained approvals and the originality of applied solutions have given us a distinct competitive advantage in the market.

XEDRA by Giuliano Industrial

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