Speed tester STB 150

Speed tester STB 150

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Speed Tester for mopeds and motorcycles 2-3-4 wheels.

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Speed tester STB 150

Speed Tester for mopeds and motorcycles 2-3-4 wheels. Cable output RS 232 to be connected in alternative to: RBT121, RBT141, in SIMPLEX-PC version or to PC with a serial port RS 232 (COM port).

Roller inner distance 150 mm.
Roller outer distance 2000 mm.
Tester dimensions: 2380x660x215 mm.

Pit recessed Version.


  • Software “Roller Brake Testerfor cars and LCVs, mopeds and motorcycles 2-3-4 wheels Quads and Piaggio MP3 licence of use, for Windows® operating system. It can be set for the use of STB 150 as an independent equipment or built-in on Brake Tester RBT 121, RBT 141, Suspension Tester CSST 25;
  • Wall electric panel;
  • Control unit;
  • Cable output RS232;
  • Tyres protection side rollers;
  • Expelling pneumatic system at the drive-out from rollers.
  • Absorption curves 2,3,4 MCTC Italy;
  • Max. load per axle (transit) 1 t;
  • Max speed. 80 km/h;
  • Power 1 Kw.

  • On demand:
  • Modular covers for use of 2 - 3 - 4 wheels and of both rollers holes;
  • Locking system with belts and hooks;
  • Calibration kit;
  • Portable cooling system;
  • Technical features Speed tester STB 150
    Max test weight per axle 10.000 N
    Max drive through axle weight 25.000 N
    Max speed 80 Km/h N
    Absorptions curves 2/3/4 MCTC
    Rollers inner distance 150 mm
    Rollers outer distance 2020 mm
    Power 1 kW
    Power Supply 230 V / 1 ph / 50 Hz
    Connection to PC / analyzer RS 232
    Dimensions 600 x 215 x 2430 mm
    Weight 405 Kg

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