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Innovative solutions in testing technologies for Inspection Centers

We are at your disposal to support you every day with our experience and to make your job easier

Your requirements, our solutions!

All our equipment can be customized, adapted and developed according to specific product and market requirements.

Made in Italy

The production, entirely Italian, and a fast supply chain guarantee high quality standards and skilled management of big production volumes

Customer support and Service

Highly qualified technical and commercial personnel available and multilanguage


Twelve years of design, development, production and realization of innovative solutions in testing technology and for inspection centers.

Custom Made Solutions

Our strengths:

  • Greatest design flexibility to meet customer specifications;
  • Product customization to the total satisfaction of each requirement;
  • Integration of competences and technologies;
  • Quickest efficiency to comply with any Country specific legislation.
  • Technical Support: "anywhere" and " real time"

    Performed and guaranteed by our software "Xedra Anywhere", anywhere and anytime, and by the availability and experience of our team of engineers, following the product since the initial project up to the final installation at the end user.

    XEDRA by Giuliano Industrial

    Our competences and experiences are focused on systems and products for vehicles technical control and diagnostic testing systems.

    Our skills

    • Brake Testers

    • Suspension Testers

    • Side Slip Testers

    • Speed Testers

    • Play Detectors

    • Accessories for special vehicles (permanent 4WD, MP3)

    • Wireless devices for measurement/control/ transmission

    • Communication protocols such as MCTCNet, MCTCNet2, ASAnetwork Livestream, GIEGNet, GIEGLan and OTC-LAN can be implemented upon request

    Our Features

    Consolidated Experience

    We are present on the market since more than 15 years, and customer's satisfaction was and still is our priority and target!

    Homologated and Certified Testing Equipment

    Our testing equipment are Tuev certified and have been homologated by official bodies and can be used in Periodical Inspection Centers.

    Italian production

    High production capacity, thanks to a fast supply chain which can manage high production volumes


    Products with 100% reliability to work smoothly and without unnecessary stops.

    Excellent value

    Right product with right price.

    Complete Production Range

    Motorbike? Car? Truck? MP3? Xedra by Giuliano Industrial provides a professional solution for any kind of vehicle!

    Remote Control

    Thanks to the remote control we are always in measure to check your remarks and to support you in using the product.

    Advanced know-how

    Technologies, skills and experience to successfully manage OEM projects

    Our Products

    Believe. Because only if you believe, you'll be able to really get involved, and covey to new generations the real Will To Try

    Giuliano Maselli

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