With the aim to constantly improve Dedra s.r.l.'s equipment range for service lines, we have created a new version of the speed tester for motorcycles with 2-3-4 wheels and QUAD bikes. The new model STB 150 is the evolution of our testers STB 500 and STB 34, which are already installed on numerous test lines for motorbikes and motorcycles in Italy.

Used to test the maximum speed of all vehicles driven on the road, the STB 150 tester has been built with the smallest internal wheel track currently available on the market: 150 mm. By installing the STB 150 speed tester next to the RBT 34 brake tester, you can create just one single test flow, thus cutting overall work times of the service centre, in compliance with the new MCTCNET2 specifications.

Furthermore, to make the job of service centre technicians much easier, the Furthermore, to make the job of service centre technicians much easier, the STB 150 tester can be set-up to be completely automated: from pneumatic coupling of the roller connection joint (for use with 2 or 3-4 wheels indifferently) to roller locking/unlocking for outlet of drive wheel/s and starting of cooling fans.

When the tester is managed by analysers that are already built-in the original supply, there is no need for a separate control panel. This reduces the space occupied around the test line.

The new lining of the rollers of the RBT 34 brake testers are perfect for vehicle transit up to 25000N per axle.

STB150 Tester specifications
Load-bearing capacity 10.000 N
Diameter of rollers 192 mm
Diameter of wheels tested 300 mm min
Useful length of rollers 1975 mm
Distance between roller centres 250 mm
External distance of rollers 2015 mm
Wheel containment device 4 side rollers
Maximum speed 80 Km/h
Working temperature 0 - 40° C
Measuring precision ± 1Km/h
Space measuring precision ± 2%
Time measuring precision ± 0.1s
Minimum resolution of display 1 Km/h
Roller locking system Integrated
Electrical power supply 230V/1Ph/50-60Hz
Pneumatic supply 6 - 8 bar
Dimensions of speed tester 2380x660x215mm
Noise level of tester < 70 dBA

Specifications of cooling devices
Single-phase version power supply (standard) 230V/1Ph/50-60Hz
Three-phase version power supply 230V-400V/3Ph/50-60Hz
Power 0,37 + 0,37 kW
Air speed > 22,22 m/s
Surface > 0,01 m² (each)
Dimensions 273 x 318 x 322 mm
Weight 12 kg (each)
Noise level 70 - 75 dBA