As the driving force behind our passion has guided our activities and choices over the last 40 years, so the unflagging enthusiasm for our work will pave the way for another 40 years of success!

No great success is ever achieved without great effort and passion. Achievements are just a new beginning for those who, like us, have turned their passion into a profession!

Automechanika international Exhibition will be held in Frankfurt am Main on September 13th through 17th, 2016, and will represent the latest important event over our first 40 years, as well as a first significant opportunity for future ones to follow.

We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at Automechanika international Exhibition (Booth A65, Hall 8.0) a selected range of Giuliano branded products, as well as some innovative XEDRA products representing the latest market trends in the field of Vehicles testing lines:

  • SCL200 (Safety Car Lane) Testing lane for cars, commercial vehicles and caravans with wider track, consisting of:
    • RBT 200 Roller brake tester for cars and caravans
    • CSST200 EUSAMA Suspension tester
    • DWAT25 side slip platform
    This new ‘wider’ version of our safety car lane SCL100, which has already been quite successful on the market, has been designed to meet the requests of PTI centres or private workshops dealing mostly with caravans or light commercial vehicles with 2800mm outer track and braking force up to 9000N, while allowing maximum performances and reliability.
  • ROLLER BIKE 500 - Roller Brake tester for motorbikes (2 wheelers) Podium installation with integrated self centering clamps and new operating console installed on a redesigned safety side board. This brake tester is more and more required on various markets, and enables an efficient and fast operation of the testing equipment, with maximum operator safety.

Don’t miss the next appointment at Automechanika with Giuliano and Dedra, we look forward to your visit to our booth A 65, Hall 8.0. Our technical and sales staff will be happy to show you our products and assist you with the usual care and professionalism.