Dedra s.r.l. is a Ltd. Company that has been recently set up in Correggio, in via Costituzione no. 70, and that holds, inside Giuliano Group, the experience and the knowledge of systems and products for technical inspection and diagnosis of the vehicles.

Fifthteen years of research, development, production and marketing, almost exclusively on Italian market, have enabled DEDRA S.r.l. to realize extremely innovative solutions for the technical inspection of motorcycles, 3 and 4-wheelers, vehicles up to 3.5T. and heavy-duty vehicles over 3.5T., steadily enriching its product range, which is now one of the most complete ranges available on the market.

Its belonging to Giuliano Group has enabled DEDRA to benefit of all homologations issued by the Italian Transport Ministry during these 15 years.

Planning and implementation of "turnkey" products and systems are fully made inside the Company, in a modern plant of 2.800mq. where, at the moment, work 20 operators.

R&D dept. is composed by 7 engineers, whose daily task is to grant the highest performance level of the products, thanks to the unceasing research on new solutions and, above all, to supply customers with constant technical support.

The know-how, appropriately protected by patents, as well as the achieved homologations and the originality of applied solutions has granted our products a prominent position in comparison with most of competitors.

Dedra s.r.l.

  • via Costituzione 70, 42015 Correggio (RE) - Italia
  • Phone: +39 0522 731111 | Fax: +39 0522 747305
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